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Find out about the range of contraception options available and the right option for you. The most effective forms of contraception are now available for FREE.

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Contraception Choice

There are a wide range of contraceptives you can choose from.

This great video from Family Planning provides an explanation of the common types so you can be more informed and choose the one that is right for you. 

Do you know the most effective forms of contraception

Implant & IUD are the most effective forms of contraception

Fit & Forget contraception is available FREE at a range of healthcare providers across the Bay of Plenty. See Eligibility FAQ.
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Contraception may be highly effective with “perfect use” (when it is used correctly all the time), but significantly less effective as “typically used” (what generally happens in real life). 

The effectiveness of contraception has been grouped based on “typical use”. It also mentions “perfect use”.

Implant image

Implant - Jadelle

Two small, flexible plastic rods that are placed just under the skin in the upper arm. The implant releases the hormone progestogen to control fertility.

Hormonal IUD image

Hormonal IUD - Mirena | Jaydess

A Hormonal IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device, which contains the hormone progestogen to control your fertility. The device is put into the uterus (womb).

Non-Hormonal IUD image

Non-Hormonal IUD - Copper | Coil

A non-hormonal (Copper) IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device which contains copper. It is put into the uterus (womb). A Copper IUD does not contain hormones. The copper IUD can also be used as an Emergency Contraception.

Sterilisation image

sterilisation - tubal Ligation | Vasectomy

Sterilisation is a permanent form of contraception which involves an operation to stop the sperm and egg meeting.

Injection image

Injection - Depo Provera

The injection contains the hormone progestogen. The injection is up to 99% effective if you have injections on time.

Contraceptive Pill

The Pill - Combined | Progestogen-Only Pill (the mini pill)

There are two types of 'pill’, the combined pill contains two hormones similar to those produced naturally by the body; progestogen and oestrogen. The Progestogen-Only Pill contains only progestogen.

Patch image


The patch is a small beige 5cm by 5cm patch that is applied to the skin like a plaster. It releases two hormones, oestrogen and progestogen (one of the forms of progesterone) into the bloodstream.

Emergency contraception image

Emergency Contraceptive Pill - Morning After Pill | ECP

If you’ve had unprotected sex you may be able to prevent pregnancy by using Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP). See also Copper IUD.

Lactational Amenorrhea image

Lactational Amenorrhea (or LAM)

LAM is for women that are fully breastfeeding: feeding baby on demand without food supplements. It can only be relied upon in the first six months after delivery and only if there is no return of menstruation in that time.

Diaphragm image


Diaphragms are dome-shaped devices (of either latex or silicone) that fit into the vagina and over the cervix. It stops sperm from getting through to join an egg and should always be used with spermicide.

Female condom image

Condoms - Female Condom, Internal | Male Condom

There are two types of condom for female and male. The female condom lines the vagina (internal) to protect against unwanted pregnancy and STIs. The male condom is placed over the penis. Condoms prevent pregnancy by keeping sperm from entering the vagina.

Fertility Awareness image

Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness works by observing and recording your body’s different natural signs each day of your monthly cycle to work out when you are most fertile. Can be used to plan pregnancy as well as avoid pregnancy.

Withdrawal image

Withdrawal - "Being Careful" | "Pulling Out"

The technical term for this method is coitus interruptus. The man recognises when he is about to come (ejaculate) and withdraws the penis so that the sperm does not enter the vagina. The success of the method varies greatly and pre-ejaculate (fluid before the orgasm) may contain sperm.

Page last updated: 19 February and reviewed for clinical accuracy.

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