Our Mission

All people across Aotearoa New Zealand will have access to impartial contraception information and access to a wide range of service providers. Protected&Proud are dedicated to promoting tina rangatiratanga self-determination, enabling everyone to take control of their sexual and reproductive health.

Our Principles

A co-creation approach is a fundamental point of difference of Protected&Proud, ensuring that consumers are involved as decision-makers, equity is front and centre, Te Tiriti o Waitangi guides us, combined with the adoption of an agnostic provider and practitioner model that is delivered through collaborative partnerships. As we evolve our kaupapa, we aim to ensure that we develop sexual and reproductive health information and resources that are inclusive, for rainbow people and, for people with disabilities.

Our Beginning

Protected&Proud was co-designed with wāhine/women alongside healthcare professionals and kaupapa Māori providers from Hauora a Toi Bay of Plenty to improve access to contraception information and service providers. The project was funded by Te Whatu Ora Hauora a Toi as part of the Contraception Access Initiative and commenced in mid-2019.  

The integration of co-design (western) and kaupapa Māori research approaches were used to ensure that the world
views, experiences and perspectives of wāhine/women, and whānau were supported and prioritised, and the community had active participation in the decision-making process. 

Engagement took place with over 50 wāhine/women and 70 healthcare professionals, service managers and service providers resulting in the development of a wāhine-centred model of care to ensure that commissioned services were accessible and convenient.

A social marketing intervention was identified as critical part of the strategy led by a co-design team comprising of a Project Lead, healthcare practitioners, and consumers.

Te Ao Māori Approach

He Pou Oranga – Tangata Whenua Determinants of Toi Ora and Nga Pou Mana o Io centred the kaupapa, ensuring that Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles were reciprocal, whānau felt empowered, Te Ao Māori kawa and tikanga were adhered to, and it was led with grassroots kōrero (Te Toi Ahorangi: Te Rautaki a Toi Ora 2030 (2019)).

  • Mana Atua – Spiritual Dimension. Acknowledging the connection of wāhine and their whānau, and their wairuatanga. 
  • Mana Tupuna- Ancestoral Dimension. Acknowledging the ancestral connection and creating a safe space to share kōrero and pūrākau and give whānau mana. 
  • Mana Whenua – Environment and Geographic Dimension. Acknowledging the land/tribal boundaries, and the connection to whānau, hapu, and iwi. 
  • Mana Tangata – Interpersonal Dimension. Acknowledging the interprofessional and interpersonal connection we have with each other and our community and what each community faces.
Protected&Proud would like to acknowledge the partnership with Te Pare ō Toi, Māori Health Services, specifically the contributions of Graham Bidois Cameron, Denise Tahuri, and Arona Smith, and many kaupapa Māori providers across the district.


Me aro koe ki te hā o Hineahuone. 

The whakatauākī was gifted to support Protected&Proud by Te Pare ō Toi, Māori Health Services Hauora a Toi.

The whakatauākī was spoken by Ngāpuhi rangatira Hēnare Tōmoana to acknowledge the courage of his wife Ākenehi Pātoka who was a signatory of the Women’s Suffrage Petition in 1893.

It reflects the synergy between wāhine and whenua in the Māori world view. Amongst many iwi in Aotearoa, Hineahuone was the first woman created from the soil of Kurawaka by Tāne Māhuta with the support of his siblings, who each gifted her parts of their essence to bring her to life. Hineahuone and Tāne pro-created Hinetitama. In terms of fertility from a Māori perspective, Hineahuone reflects the wellbeing of wāhine Māori. For Protected&Proud, this whakatauākī is about the gift of life that Hineahuone began and pro-choice.

Our Brand

Protected&Proud – the brand was co-designed with and for wāhine/women. The name ‘Protected&Proud’ was nominated and chosen by wāhine/women for demonstrating a positive, strength-based approach to sexual and reproductive health.

The heart logo is formed using a uterus shape composed of koru design to reflect femininity, care and nurturing open-wide arms. The koru also represents personal growth, positive change, and harmony.

Our Acknowledgements

Many people have been involved in the creation and development of Protected&Proud since 2019. We wish to acknowledge the leadership of Sarah Stevenson, formerly Population Health and Women’s Health Portfolio Manager at Te Whatu Ora Hauora a Toi, who commissioned and provided guidance to the kaupapa, and Jo Elvidge, Principal Advisor at Te Whatu Ora Health NZ for championing the development of a national resource. Thank you to all the service providers across the Bay of Plenty that continue to improve access to contraception and in particular, Kathy Le Haavre, Specialist Contraception Nurse for leading LARC training with healthcare practitioners and delivering innovative ways to deliver contraception services.  

Importantly, thank you to the many wāhine/women+ from the Bay of Plenty and more recently from Counties Manukau and across the motu that have shared their personal experiences and been involved as a co-design team member, peer educator, and/or graciously permitted us to use you in our imagery.  

We would also like to thank our partners for their support – NZCSRH | Te Whatu OraCounties Manukau & Hauora a Toi | Healthpoint | Inospire. Thank you to Bayer for the educational grant to develop the national platform.

Our People

The development of Protected&Proud: Aotearoa New Zealand contraception platform is being led by an experienced team of healthcare professionals, experienced practitioners, and consumers from across the motu.

  • New Zealand College of Sexual & Reproductive Health (NZCSRH), a specialist college, are a lead partner ensuring that contraception information is accurate and connecting HCP with specialist training and resources. Dr Jo Lambert (she/her/ia, Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Mutunga), NZCSRH Fellow and Board Chair; and Dr Helen Paterson, NZCSRH Board Member.
  • Inospire Limited, delivery partner of Protected&Proud, Suzanne Board (she/her), Project Lead, developed and has led the kaupapa since inception. Joint Clinical Leads – Dr Bronwen Thomas, GP, and Dr Wee Ming Soh, NZCSRH Fellow and Board Member. Digital Marketing Expertise, Disclose Media; and Designer, Calico Studio.
  • Protected&Proud Co-design Team, including six consumer representatives working alongside the partner organisations, responsible for decision-making and project progress.  

Get in touch.

Contact a member of the team for more information about Protected&Proud. 

Protected&Proud Timeline

Contraception Services

Ministry of Health announced funding to improve access to contraception services with District Health Boards View the announcement here

April 2019

Partnership with Wāhine

Bay of Plenty District Health Board partnered with wāhine across the Bay of Plenty to understand their experience of using contraception services and how a new funded service should be delivered.

July 2019


Protected&Proud – the brand for the contraception service was co-designed with and for wāhine. Protected&Proud was put forward and chosen by wāhine for demonstrating a positive, strength-based approach.

November 2019

Health Providers

A range of health providers across the Bay of Plenty were contracted to deliver wāhine-centred contraceptive services.

December 2019

Resources Launch

Protected&Proud resources are launched to promote the service to wāhine across the Bay of Plenty.

February 2020

Youth Peer Educators

Three wāhine aged 16-19yrs have joined the project team to design, deliver and evaluate a Peer Educator Youth Project in the Eastern Bay of Plenty as part of the wider Protected&Proud service. The Peer Educator project aims to create space for wāhine to learn and korero with other wāhine about the most effective contraception to help support decision-making and increase access to services.

June 2020

Non-Hormonal IUD – Copper

A non-hormonal (Copper) IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device which contains copper. It is put into the uterus (womb). A Copper IUD does not contain hormones. The copper IUD can also be used as an Emergency Contraception.


Hormonal IUD - Mirena | Jaydess

A Hormonal IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device, which contains the hormone progestogen to control your fertility. The device is put into the uterus (womb).


Implant – Jadelle

Two small, flexible plastic rods that are placed just under the skin in the upper arm. The implant releases the hormone progestogen to control fertility.