Fit & Forget – the most effective contraceptive

Wāhine across the Bay of Plenty can now get FREE (*eligibility applies) access to the most effective contraception from your family practice or general practice. There is no charge for your appointments, for the contraception, or for the fitting and/or removal of long lasting contraception. See FAQs page for more information on eligibility.

Fit & forget is the most effective contraception and is suitable for wāhine of all ages, including young women. Fit & forget is now recommended as the first contraception option for most wāhine.

It is a form of long-lasting contraception and includes, the implant (two rods in the upper arm also called Jadelle), hormonal IUDs (called Mirena or Jaydess) and non-hormonal copper IUD.

Contact your practice to find out more about this service and to book an appointment.

You are eligible for free fit & forget contraception, if you live in the Bay of Plenty and – are under 26 years old; or Māori or Pacific; or hold a community services card (CSC). If you are not sure if you are eligible, make sure to ask at your practice as there is additional eligibility criteria that you may meet.

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